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On Beyonce, Being “Cute” and Feminism



It’s 1991. I’m on the bus and I am getting it from a neighborhood girl and her friend. From name calling to ugly looks and sneers. Finally, ol’ girl decides to step. She was about 2 years older, with a woman’s body and at least 10 pounds on me. I didn’t know her name or where she lived, all I knew is that I was outnumbered and terrified. 

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I’m Feminist Enough To, Manifestos - Vol. 1, New York

It’s the first video! Real women saying real things. 

A special thank you to Lyani Powers, Hillary Crosley, Leilani Montes, Venus Okeke, Clover Hope and Shantrelle Lewis for their words. Pounds and tipped brims to Berman Fenelus for the camera love and The Stuyvesants for the track…which is from their new project The Finer Things—which is awesome. 

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